Climate Ambassador

Responsibilities are everywhere in our daily lives; wether it is the bills we have to pay or the work to keep up with. The unprecedented responsibility of our time however is to take care of our planet and therefore of ourselves. As, scientifically proven, anthropogenic climate change is a threat to our childrens‘ generations, we are headed for an exponential increase in crises and do not do enough about it. After 30 years of voluntary change to a sustainable economy, companies have failed to apply sustainable development. Since 2015, there is an Agenda 2030 agreed upon the United Nations that defines 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Now an obligatory transformation is needed, a change that is indeed reckless and system breaking.
This story is about learning to understand climate change and its immediate impact.

There is a need for guidance as sustainability is complex, takes a universal look at businesses and forces us to rethink our models and ways of designing products and services.

As part of the Circular Economy Forum Austria, I am working at the intersection of space economy, digitalisation, research, edutainment and circularity.

Evergreen Icon

As part of my Bachelor thesis, I invited Dietlind Rott as an expert to help me analyse the potencial of sustainable management in the Austrian film industry. Much appreciated, she has declared my work an Evergreen Icon to raise awareness of people motivated to change the media production in Austria.

Climate Ambassador

My Master thesis evaluated actions for sustainable development in SMEs, proposed a model for transformation management and explored an interdisciplinary approach for ESG-controlling.

ESG Manager & Transformation Consultant

Projecting myself in the future, I am hoping to transform our ways of thinking and enable a circular economy.