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With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.
My work focusses on the production of different kinds of media, which has an impact on our daily lives in an academic way.

I believe in the dissemination of objectively analysed and accurate information in order to strengthen one’s knowledge.

I want to improve the communication between science and society by producing media that edutains!

What’s next on the list?

Here you can follow my upcoming projects:

Association for Creative People in Austria

Nicht Allein


Director: Enric Parcerisa

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Art & Science

Do you know why you should be protecting this planet?

You are probably going to be the last generation to whitness the beauty of its wildlife and diversity.


Deforestation of the Amazonas.


Teaming up with WWF helps if you want to support wildlife, green-producing & a healthy environment


You just want to get out?

Go and train for the Mars Simulation organised by the OeWF.


What’s next on my watchlist?

12 Angry Men
(Lumet 1957)


Circular Economy

Whilst being a life-long learner, I spend my leisure time with solving daily problems, creating ideas & trying to make the world a better place.


When it comes to green producing in Austria there is a really helpful guide that I am referring to when calculating projects.


As long as there is wildlife on this planet, there is hope for humanity to evolve.


Our next generation is already inherently involved with the Internet, so why not take advantage of it, if the Internet is already taking advantage of you?


Technical devices are enabling us to lay back and let robots or even AI take over our daily chores. It is crucial to withstand the temptation of idleness.,Rlfzlkm

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