Concerning Astronauts

At the time I joined the Austrian Space Forum in 2020, I started off with the mindset bringing science to the public. As part of the media team I was invited to do an honorable training in order to have a better insight of the departments and structure of the Mars simulation.


I strive to learn!


Studying the processes of a Mars simulation and learning about the different key skills of the Austrian Space Forum.


Astronauts need to be in a good physical condition; in times of social distancing and home office, it is generally good to do some sports as a mental compensation.


I look up to role models and urge to learn from the best.

My contribution to science and edutainment started with my studies. I have always been fascinated by the sky and when I learned there are institutions simulating space missions, I was speechless. Since I know there are plenty of inventions originating from outer space, I want to edutain my audience regarding space exploration.

I am part of the media team at the ASF and putting projects into practice with my colleagues really educates me about the unique nature of our planet. Currently we are working on the presentation of the departments contributing to the AMADEE-20.

The story of a lost Martian on Earth

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One contribution at a time

Being part of the Planetary Society is a great honour, even though I didn’t have to put much effort behind it as it is only a financial contribution to space exploration but as financials may be restricted these days, it feels good to take one step at a time to support great scientists explore fields of the unknown. I appreciate all the hard work everyone is putting into science; wherever your fields of expertise may be! Science is great 🙂